The RolePlay concept is a wide-hard-to-explain concept but however we can provide a good starting for it. RolePlay AKA RP, means to play the Role of the character you are pretending to be. For example, if I create a new account, I will decide which name to put to him BY thinking which role I want him to be. If I want him to RolePlay a Italian Mafia guy, I will probably name him something like: "Luigi_Bonetti". If I want to RolePlay a Russian Mafia guy, I would probably name him something like: "Mikarov_Vlodskovich". So... for a starting, you have to think which character you are going to RolePlay and LATER think of a name.

Since this is RolePlay and you MUST Role the life of someone of your choice, you also have to ACT as you would in real life, and since this is a game is hard for new players to understand or to cooperate on a Real Life situation. For example, If Im being aimed with a gun by 3 guys, and I just ran away, I would not be acting as I would in Real Life. Therefore I am not-RPing... which is something we don't want. Beacuse, if someone aims me in the head in real life, I would probably stay quiet and not even dare to move a muscle... but since this is I game I would think: "Yeah, whatever, I will die and then re-appear in the hospital so...". You should not think that way at all. You MUST ACT like you would in Real Life at ALL TIMES. When you get robbed, you get scared, when you get raped, you get scared, when you hit your car with a wall, you get hurt, you MUST act in real life. But don't worry, if you carry on a good RolePlay you might be even able to RP a robbery to someone. Just remember to act like you would in Real Life.

You and your characterEdit

1) Introduction

Welcome to my guide, "Your Character and You: A guide to Making a Character." The idea of this guide is to help new players, and new comers to the world of roleplay itself, create a character for this world. We see many new players on the server, some who don't understand how to roleplay, some that don't know how to make a new character, so on and so forth. There are many good roleplaying guides on the forums already, however this guide is for the pure purpose of helping make a character. Now while i wont give you a hand-out character, i will show you the process me and many other people use to put together a good character.

2) Characters

Picture for a moment, a world without people. A barren wasteland, no buildings, no vehicles, no life whatsoever. This is what you would look at if you were to have a world without characters. Characters are the back bone of a role play, without them buildings would not have been made, societies would not have been formed, and new life would never have came to be. Even in a world like PR:RP characters are needed, otherwise the server would fall apart and another well needed server would die before its time. This section of the guide will introduce you to a character, introduce you to a scenario involving him, and will introduce you to roleplaying as a person, not as your self.

2A) Meet Woozie

Meet Woozie Mu, a 55 year old Chinese, born in Las Venturas, moved to San Fierro three years ago, and has two criminal charges against him: one for Assault, one for Auto Theft. He is a freelance photographer, however he lives nearby a gang infested neighborhood, having to pass through each day on his way to work. Woozie doesn't believe in violence, is a christian at heart though he never attends practices, and supports the government. His previous crimes were both caused by drunken fits, or so he will claim, and after moving to San Fierro, he became sober and attempted to stay a good citizen. His friends work at a aPizzastack nearby, and as a bartender at the Four Dragons casino, their names are irrelevant for now. Were going to go through a day with Woozie, and see how he will react to the situations involved, and compare them to the real life player's view.

Speaking of which, let me tell you about the player, so you can see the differences in the two. The real life player is Woozie, a 18 year old college student that is passive aggressive, a bit easy to anger, and is both an atheist and unattached to government views. He has never once been in a fight that he started, and he detests gangs. Now, onto the scenario.

2B) Woozie's Day

Woozie wakes up, and does his regular routine, brushing, shaving, bathing, and then walking outside to head to work. Even though he is freelance, he checks in at the local papers to see what they are looking for. Now, Woozie doesn't carry weapons on him, as i said he detests violence. The local gang has realized this fact, and as such they have became a regular problem for Woozie.

Alta foto

These three men above are a member of a small time gang known for small crimes, such as pick pocketing, car jacking, and the occasional gun point robbery. The man in the middle is the second-in-command, Manny. The one on the left is an initiate, Leo, and the one on the right is a well known dealer, whose name changes depending on who he is dealing to, to Woozie he is simply known as "D." Even though they are small, they are drug addicts, and don't think rationally, each having at least a knife to add to the danger.

Woozie has to pass by them every day, as Manny is his next door neighbor, and because of his pacifist nature they know he is a prime target. Manny and his two friends are sitting by the porch as Woozie passes by, one smoking a blunt, the other two arguing over what seems to be a problem with Manny's grill. The one smoking the blunt, D, whistles to his two friends as Woozie passes by. Manny and Leo stop what they are doing, grin, and step after Woozie. Woozie has gotten used to this routine, and today decided to be smart. Instead of putting all of his money in his wallet, he put most of it inside his camera case, leaving only 50$ and some change in his wallet. Manny yells to Woozie,

"Yo, Wooziei boy. You got something for me ese?" His two friends chuckling as they speak to themselves in Spanish. Woozie sighs, turning around. In an attempt to skip out on their usual back and forth of insults and threats, he pulls his wallet out, handing the 50$ to Manny. Manny, however, isn't happy to see the decline in cash. He slaps Woozie's cash away, before grabbing him by the collar, looking at him with a fire behind his eyes,

"Hey Puto, this some joke? Think you can play me? Wheres my money?" Now, the player wants to react violently, however Woozie is not violent, and at the same time he knows it is a fight he cant win. Where most people would attempt to push Manny away and then run, the player knows it is not realistic. This situation is where judgment come into play. Realism is a key thing in character creation. Woozie gulps, before replying,

"Slow news week, this is all i have left man, come on..." A notable fear behind Woozie's voice, however in this situation its a fear for his life at first glance, not the fear that they will find out he is lieing. Manny shoves Woozie backward, causing him to fall down. Manny turns to his cohorts, speaking again in Spanish. Now, why am i not telling you what they are saying? Because Woozie doesn't know Spanish. He speaks Russian, and a bit of Korean, but no Spanish. Even if you know it in real life, does your character? This is important to remember. Manny and his friends walk off, but Manny keeps glaring at Woozie, who feels safe for now.

Hours pass, Woozie gets a job to work on this week, but first he takes his spare cash and heads to his friend's work, the Pizzastack. The place is closed today, because of a gang related attack inside. Woozie sighs, hunger in his stomach, and fear in his heart for having to see Manny again on the walk back. He has to walk down two blocks before he will arrive home, as well as a small area beneath a bridge. Walking underneath the bridge, he would find something that will create a new tale in Woozie's story.

Woozie passed by two men, one black, the other seemed to be half and half, running from sirens in the background. The black one ran over to Woozie, pushing something in his hands, saying, "Take this homie!" and then just rushing away. Woozie looked at it, it was a Desert Eagle handgun, seemed brand new as the tag was still on it, though the smell of gunpowder came from it. Woozie figured they had just shot some one, and were offing the evidence on him. Woozie believes in justice and the government, so he put the gun in his pocket to take to the police the following morning. It was heavy, Woozie never fired a gun before either.

Two blocks later, the smell of smoke filled his nose, before he even saw the nearby fire. His home was ablaze, and as such he began to run faster, approaching what was now the charred remains of everything he had. He fell to his knees in disbelief, heart pounding both in anger and depression. He heard laughter as a couple of men stepped behind him, Manny and Leo, D no where in sight. Manny was smoking a cigarette, but gasoline could be smelled coming from him as well.

"See man, you stop payin', you loose your property. Like, repo or something man. Cept when you stop paying us, you don't get your shit back, ese." Said Manny, Leo laughing as Manny taunts Woozie. "Now homie, gimme something, and you'll walk away."

"I don't have anything, you burned it all down!" Woozie said, standing up, anger rushing through him. Manny shook his head, making a tsk sound as he did so, Leo walked over to Woozie, grinning.

"Why not give us your camera then, it'll probably sell for a good sum." Said Leo, Manny nodding in agreement.

"Yea ese, give us your camera." Said Manny, reaching out for it. Woozie pulled back, "Get your damn hands off it!" He said, Manny getting really angry and punching Woozie across the face, knocking him down. Leo grabbed the camera bag from Woozie's shoulder, Woozie still in shock and unable to stop him, before Manny took it from Leo.

"Thanks, ese. Now get the Fuck out of my sight." Said Manny, before he and Leo turned around, starting to walk off. Now lets recap for a moment. Woozie is a pacifist, but has been attacked and robbed by these men for a good time now, and now he has lost everything he owned. Realistically, this is a breaking point, thinks Al the player, and he reacts in a way Manny and Leo wouldn't expect.

"Gimme back my camera!" Yells Woozie, stepping to his feet, and pulling the hidden Dessert Eagle free, aiming it at Manny. Manny and Leo turn around, jumping a bit when they see the gun. After a pause, Manny chuckles, Leo looking a bit afraid.

"Shit man, what you gonna do, shoot me? You ain't got the cajones." Taunts Manny, even opening his arms, givng Woozie a clear shot. "Come on, white boy, shoot me. You know you aint gonna." Manny keeps taunting, before Leo starts to speak to him in Spanish. It seems like they are arguing, Leo attempting to shut Manny up, but Manny too proud to listen. He turns to Woozie, continuously saying "Do it!" as Woozie's heart races. Finally, Woozie looses it all, his finger pulling back the trigger of the gun, and a bullet soars through Manny, who gaps for air before falling to the ground. Leo screams in Spanish, then starts to run off, Woozie on his back from the surprising impact of the gun against him.

Woozie walks over to Manny, taking a moment to register what just happened. He grabs his camera from Manny, and tosses the gun down, starting to run off away from the scene, the sound of Spanish yelling coming from nearby. What happens next? Does Woozie get caught by the gang and killed? Does he get away? This is all up to Woozie's actions.

As you can see, i didnt use all of Woozie's back ground in this scenario, but i showed off realism, and sticking to a character. Woozie lost his mind, breaking his code of pacifism only because of all the moral stress he had suffered, Manny stuck to being a proud gang banger and didn't show fear cause of Woozie's Pacifism, and Leo showed fear because he was not a real gang member, only a wanna-be. I made this section to show off how a true character is roleplayed, however lets look at a second scenario featuring a less realistic roleplayer.

2c) Woozie's Day Abridged

We are going to look again at a few of the situations Woozie got in to, but look at them if Woozie was not being played to character.

Looking at the scene where he is being mugged, Manny has Woozie by the collar still, heres how things could be played in correctly:

  • Woozie kicks Manny and attempts to fight all three of the gang members.
  • Woozie pulls out a gun he brought with him that morning, and holds it at Manny before shooting.
  • Woozie starts yelling for help.
  • Woozie spits in Manny's face, then attempts to run away.

These are all unrealistic. Primarily, Woozie is in fear, and would not take any of these actions. Woozie is not a body builder, he is weak, he knew if they attacked him he would be screwed, as well as he knows for a fact they have guns. Second, Woozie is a pacifist, he would not fight even in self defense, nor would he carry a gun on him even if it was to just scare them. All these are a way of breaking character.

Scenario two, the scene where the two black guys off the gun on Woozie. Heres some unrealistic things that will happen.

  • Woozie would stop them, then give them the gun back.
  • Woozie would stop them, then hold them at gun point, keeping them their until the police arrive.
  • Woozie would rob someone with the gun to pay Manny the next day.
  • Woozie would just leave the gun.

These are unrealistic as Woozie is Pacifist, and wouldn't hold a gun at anyone. He is a fond believer of justice and the government and wouldn't leave the gun lying around. and Woozie would never give a criminal anything, unless he was forced to.

Finally, lets look at alternatives to the house scene, where he snaps.

  • Woozie shoots them as soon as they appear.
  • Woozie just leaves.
  • Woozie calls the police, and keeps them there at gun point.
  • Woozie stays to fight all of the gang.
  • Woozie chases after Leo and tries to shoot him.

These are all unrealistic because he only breaks pacifism after Manny takes the camera and taunts him, and following that he regains clear train of thought, and wouldn't attack anyone else. He also isn't an idiot, he knows when Leo runs off, the other gang members would follow him and try to kill him with guns of their own.

We can all be bad asses, we can all be cowards, but all that matters is why we are this way. Now that you have seen the good and the bad of character play, lets get to what you want, the character creation portion.

Credits to whoever did this guide.

Role-Playing a fightEdit

Taking guns out because of a small simple insult

As you should have noticed, most of the people take guns out for stupid and pathetic reasons such as for a simple insult. This is the most common role-play on the server : (( Random names ))

  • John - Can you help me please? I need to find the.. Pizza Stack.
  • Dwayne - Fuck off biatch'.
  • John - Fuck you too.
  • Dwayne - Tha' fuck you said? *gets his deagle out and shoots John

This is just pathetic and ridiculous in my opinion. Guys, just imagine this in real life, the world would be dead right now, this is just chaos. Guns should be taken out for extreme reasons, extreme situations. But if some random guy is just telling to "fuck off", you shouldn't just kill him, deal with it in a combat way. For example, if It's really a big disrespect, you can try fighting him. Here's an example of a GOOD fight. Fighting, role-playing a fight, fist fights.

  • John raises his hands abit up, cracking his fists quite loud as he stares at Dwayne*
  • Dwayne runs on John, attempting to swing his right fist on John's right cheek*

Here, you have to think. If you're about three metres away from your opponent, pretty obvious that your chances to hit him are quite high. But if you're about ten metres away from him, not hard to understand that this isn't Fantastic Four and you're not a bubble gum where you can make your arms like on ten metres longer.

/do Succeeds/Fails? /do Succeeds, John gets pushed back by the hit, holding on his right cheek, rubbing it quite softly and shaking his head due to the pain.

  • Dwayne takes a step back, smiling as he looks up in the sky, biting his lips*
  • John runs on Dwayne, attempting to slam him in his stomach with his right fist*

Another thing. If your opponent isn't paying attention on you, then he can't have another eye on his chest and quickly block or dodge the hit. Very high chances that he gets hit if your distance is quite close to each other. If your distance isn't close, then he would probably hear you running and try dodging away.

/do Succeeds/Fails? /do Succeeds as he didn't pay any attention on John at all, Dwayne quickly slides his hands on his stomach, holding his stomach tight while falling down on his knees, heavily bleeding and coughing because of the pain.

The hits, the kicks are different. If you're hitting in the face, you can break his nose which is quite painful. If your kicking in the stomach, the opponent will pretty much loose the balance and his breath what will make him ALOT harder to fight you.

But guys, you should understand that the characters are different. If your characters is a trained soldier from the Israel and he have been a soldier for about 30 years, It's not hard to understand that he's quit strong. But that doesn't ever mean that he's a rambo and he can dodge/heel every hit he gets.

The ending part

You shouldn't worry if you lost a fight guys, this is just a game. If the role-play has gone not in your way and you have lost a fight, It doesn't mean you should start bitching because of it, or being cocky and cheeky. This is a game, nothing more.

Credits to whoever did this guide

Hood RolePlay GuideEdit

  • Get on your corner, or if you aren't working in a drug crew yet, pick a corner somewhere else and go sell drugs.
  • Cruise in your car with a fiew friends, could bring up some nice roleplay on the way
  • Drink a beer in your hood, hang around with a cigar or something(although there aren't any bars nearby, you can still rp one)
  • Break into a house with a few friends, steal some tv's and stuff
  • Get your own style, if you're good in rhymes, build your way up to a proffesional
  • Your interested in painting? Tag your way up
  • Are you interested in painting, but don't want to use these spraycans? Start a tattoo shop
  • You love beautiful cars? Pimp your car and show your car to the homeboys, use these hydraulics!!
  • You love fast cars? Tune your car and call your homies, start streetracing!!
  • You love chicks ? Go around town/hood with a few homies and search them, get a hit on them
  • ^ The one above, you look like a real cute boy, but you ain't? Pimp these ladies, let them make you some cash!
  • Don't need money, but you need roleplay? Call your homies, meet them and rob a store (don't forget to call 911 with the alarm in the middle of the robbery)
  • Like food? Start up a BBQ, or get you and your homies some food!
  • Like drugs? Share your weed with your homies, get high!
  • Like basketball? Go and buy yourself a ball at the 24/7, and start a match with your homies
  • Like liquour? Get yourself some beers and get drunk with your homies
  • You think you are so tough? Start up a hoodfight and bet on your homies
  • Is it hot? Ask your homies if they are going to the beach with you, enjoy the sun

Rain: We could also use the drug store as a crack den, since it's just an ooc feature to us we might use it for some extra-rp like cooking crack/coke, cutting crack and placing them in dimebags, because we arent getting them from a tree, right?

Aiming Jerome

- Weight-lifting

    • I hate seeing people who do "/do I am 800 pounds ((312313 Kg)) of muscle, and 5'8". I'm ripped and R so cool." It's gay and nub. If you're muscular, RP going to the gym and working out. Unless your character is fresh out've prison or some shit, most gangsters aren't naturally jacked. RP going to the gym and working out. **

Btw T-Rex, i heard you was going to buy a gym, so it would be easy if we had a gym in the hood.

- Low Low's

    • I love these events. People get their sweet gangster cars, get it all pimped out with hydraulics, put sweet rims and paints on, and sound systems on, and BLAM you have a slammin' time. We could even RP building the cars up in defson parking lot, Then, when you're all built up, you drive your cars around Los Santos "hittin' switches" until you all rest up somewhere like a gas station and have some bumpin' good shit. Plus it's a great way to get noticed around the map. **

- Dog fights

    • Not one of my favorites, as I like keeping my dogs as companions, not tools. However, these are fun as fuck. You RP buying dogs, training them to be mean (Which can be a long-time RPing process, =]) and then fight 'em against the other guys' dog. It's a spam-fest of /do's, but it's also an opportunity for betting and competing amongst eachother.**

- House Robberies

    • Not as fun, as there's not a whole lot of PvP action, and it isn't as fun when the houses remain locked and you have to /re for an admin to open it, however... You can jack cars, get vans, and RP stealing and selling their stereos and shit. Just something to do. **

- Partying/drinking

    • I personally love RPing a drunk clown. Making "Packie runs" and getting beers/alcohol and trashing shit is funna' as hella'. When you're bored, grab a drink and get toasty. After all, alcohol is social and RP lubricant.**

- Tagging

    • We have spraycans for a reason, and they're hella-fun to use for spraying cars and shit, but I don't see enough tagging up around Los Santos. RP it, and if you don't have the tools necessary/cba to do it up and put it into City Hall, then PM someone good at photoshop and we'll put it up for you. It's fun, can take a while, and sends a message to other gangs, just as it's done in RL. Plus, getting caught by the cops/other gangs can lead to longer RP events, which is also hella-fun. **

- Fights/Fight Clubs

    • This can go along with training at the gym, where you train your fighting skills. Fights are a great way to earn respect in the clicka, as well as show what you're truly made of. Also, it helps us for brawls. I've seen a few around, but there should be more because it is teh fun knocking the shit out of people. **

- Rap Battle/Street cyphering

    • It's a way to gain respect amongst the clicka, just like fighting, and can be hella fun/start beefs with other members. On top of this, we could start up a record company or some shit, and lay down tracks/get on SAN. Speaking of San...**

- Gang Documentaries

    • PM a SAN member, ask him to do a documentary and roll through the hood or something. Discretely, masked and very hush hush, give the SAN member an interview to let Los Santos know about the click you represent, without giving any real information. Harass him, take his camera, make him prove his trust before /live-ing. Do it up, it can be fun/great RP, and it gets your name, and your set's name out there.**

- Gun Dealing/Drug Dealing/Usage

    • Do some research, find out about gun. When dealing or finalizing a gun, go through the steps, or at least make a macro. This includes assembling the slide and recoil spring and slide catch and barrel, and making it all fit on, making sure everything works, blah blah. As for drugs, research your drugs, figure out how they make you feel IRL, RP cutting up crack, or cooking your heroine or what have you. Make it more fun/RPly**

- Food/Gang dinners

    • EAT WITH YOUR HOMIES! Have some outsider fag cook the gang a home-cooked meal, then eat it. After that, start shitting on the toilet. It's fun, and causes lulz. Eating, like drinking, is another social lubricant. We all know you dry pussies could use some lube. Grab a plate and eat with your homies.**

- Outsider Stunts

    • Make outsiders do outrageous things for you, like... Run around the barrio three times, and don't come back until your balls have sweat off. Or go run down into the sewer, then try to pick up a chick, or whatever. Speaking of chicks...**

- Gang Rapes

    • It's only gay if dicks touch, so find some bitch and rape her ((With permission, ofc)). It's fun as fuck, and it can also cause gainage of respect, or disrespect in the crew. Plus you horny little bastards could use some action. Y'allz so uptight, you need to get pussy from somewhere**

- Tattoos/Inking

    • This is possibly one of the most important parts of any gang: Their tattoos. However, most of you seem to magically appear tattoos on your body. That's fecking WoWzorz! Make an outsider become an artist, be an artist yourself, or at least RP getting tattoos and a tattoo parlour. It can be fun, it can include others, and it can make you gain/lose respect, so do it up.**

- Deceased Vato Commemoration

    • This could be where we take randomers and ragged vatos alike and go visit areas where fellow deceased carnale or honorable vatos have died. This could include lots of RP such as buying coronas and pouring half out for homies, or throwing shoes onto telephone lines to signify that someone's died on that street. Now, I'm not sure how many CKed/ honorable vatos you've had that have died, but we could even just bullshit it, or make it a monthly thing, idfk.**

- Spit Style Meeting

    • I thought about this went thinking of rap battles. The gang could gather up into a meeting and express their beefs, OR their appreciation from/for another vato. It could be fun RP, could be revealing, and could start beefs. I bring this up mostly because a lot of the randomers and other ragged vatos don't speak their mind, and it could be healthy to bring beefs out into the open, instead of letting them fester into deadly shit. **

- Music Videos

    • I see it more from other gangs, especially Locotes. It's pretty self explanatory, and the only thing needed really is someone with FRAPS and maybe a video editing program.

- Houses/headquarter

    • We should RP inside the houses more, hang out, watch might be boring, but still better than standing like bots outside. guys should be dead already by calculating how much time have you spent in this polluted air.

Credits to whoever did this guide