Factions are an organized group of people with their respective rules, ranks and Headquarter. There are also services that are factions such as the SFPD and the Medics / Firefighters. Each Faction has it's own style of RolePlay. There are Mafia Factions and there also are Gangster Factions, and they have their own way to RolePlay things.

What's so good about a Faction?Edit

Factions have their own commands and Headquarters to hang out. Every Faction has their own kind of commands to represent a decent RolePlay. For example, police officers have certain commands to arrest people or cuff them. All factions have some commands in common such as /r (radio chat) - /f (family chat OOC) and /gateopen (for faction that have gates).

But the best part about a Faction is that we can assure you, you will get some nice RolePlay with the other Members and you will have a lot of fun. You can choose what faction you want to apply for and RolePlay with your faction.

However... there are 2 types of Factions. Unofficial Factions and Official Factions

Unofficial FactionsEdit

Unofficial Factions are those Factions that have members which hang around with them, and they go all over San Fierro RolePlaying different situations. But, unlike the Official Faction, these Factions do not have "special" commands nor a Headquarters. Unofficial Factions only have 1 feature about Factions, and that is members.

Anyways, by being part of an Unofficial Faction, you still are a citizen but you can will hang around with your member-friends more often.

Unofficial Factions can become Official Factions, if they meet the required requirments. (Head to the forums to know what are the requirments)

Official FactionsEdit

Official Factions, unlike the Unofficial Factions, have their own Commands, their own Headquarters and (most of them) their own vehicles. Official Factions might have a better time RolePlaying than Unofficial Factions.

Official Factions might take part of a lot more of RolePlay situations and the Faction Chat Channels will make things easily for the members.

How do I join a Faction?Edit

For Official Factions you will have to make an application thread on forums. Each Faction has it's own application format, and you can feel free to post any application thread to any faction you like. However, we can't assure you, you will be accepted.

For Unofficial Factions just meet the leader of the faction In Game, and talk with him. Everything about membership is up to the Leader of the Unofficial Faction.

Official Faction ListEdit

1 - LSPD / Los Santos Police Department (Service Faction)

2 - FBI / Federal Bureau of Investigation (Service Faction)

3 - Medics and Firefighters (Service Faction)

4 - Hitman (Service/Illegal Faction)

5 - News Reporter (Service Faction)

6 - Taxi Company (Service Faction)

7 - The Clay Family (Mafia Faction)

8 - Ballas (Gangster Faction)

9 - Nine Quatts Gang (Gangster Faction)

10 - International Trucking Service (Service Faction)

11 - Surenos (Gangster Faction)

12 - Bloodz (Gangster Faction)