What is a business?Edit

In Eternal City RolePlay, as you may progress on the game by leveling up your character and making big amounts of money, you can also, buy your own Business AKA Biz. To buy a business you just have to search for it wherever you want all over San Fierro, you will find "House" green icons which can be houses or business. If it is a business, you just simply type /buybiz and you have just purchased a new business. However, business are pretty much expensive and you will need a high level to reach the requirements.

What's so good about a business and how do I use it?Edit

When you buy a Business (which you can find all over San Fierro and can be any kind of business such as gun shops, 24/7 stores, night clubs, etc) you can establish an entry fee that players will have to pay to get inside your business. Usually, players look forward to get inside a business beacuse they want to buy a certain product or they want to have some fun. Depending on what kind of Business you have acquired, the players that get insinde and the money you earn will probably vary. For example, if a player gets inside a 24/7 that you own, he's probably getting inside beacuse he needs to buy something such as a cellphone, a lighter, some cigarettes, etc. But, if a player gets inside a Night Club you own it's probably beacuse he wants to have some fun, dancing and chilling with his friends and get himself a good RP situation. So, before buying a business you MUST make a wise decision.

Using and managing your business is not so easy as it seems. First off, if you need help with the commands you can easily type /businesshelp. However, managing a business is not just about setting your entrance fee. You must also establish the prices of your products (depending on what kind of business you bought), and you also have to BUY those products from the International Trucking Service (ITS) which is a faction that delivers products to the business that request them. You also have to establish at what price are you going to buy the products from the ITS. And remember, you must manage it well, otherwise you could lose customers. If your entry fee is too expensive, if your products are too expensive or if you don't buy products from the ITS, your business can bankrupt easily.